Who We Are

Who We Are

Crosshair Consultants prides itself on the thorough application of compliance strategies meeting the requirements established by the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT), as well as North American Out of Service criteria. With quality and respectful service, our organization meets the demands of our clients that are unique to the transportation industry.

We proactively audit vehicles, drivers, and documents to ensure compliance of transportation regulations. Our in-depth and detailed audits provide our clients with a deeper understanding of protocols and procedures within the transportation industry.

Crosshair Consultants enables the success of our clients through practical and effective consulting solutions for all transportation related businesses. We proactively address organizational issues which adds to our clients’ ability to grow while forecasting and analyzing tomorrow’s trends, to provide a more permanent solution. Our clients’ best interest remains our passion, and the focal point of our operations. We offer an aggressive approach of infusing workplace safety and compliance with the currently company culture to ensure an evolving and systematic approach to our client's safety policies and procedures.

Why Crosshair Consultants?

Preventative practices will increase your company’s profit by decreasing lost revenue. Our highly knowledgeable staff will identify areas of opportunity where our services can mitigate the misdirection of finances, and infuse this capital back into the company.

Crosshair Consultants can identify areas of vulnerability that may result in DOT violations, accidents, and workplace injuries. These issues can then be addressed and in turn avoid costly citations while ensuring a safer fleet and workplace. In implementing our services you can improve your company’s safety rating and enhance your company’s brand through adherence to transportation regulations. Investing in preventative practices is vitally important to maintaining your company’s reputation.

The transportation industry is one of the most demanding and evolving industries in our nation. Too often companies lose time and money through non-compliant and unsafe practices and the stiff consequences that come along with them. Our main focus is our clients’ success and growth by upholding transportation obligations.

  • Less time at roadside inspections means your trucks are on the road more, meeting the delivery window.
  • Minimizing DOT violations means less lost revenue and a better safety rating.
  • Our finalized reports can be used to show auditors, insurance representatives, and potential clients your company’s resolve to operate the safest most reliable fleet on the road.